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Kill Monty

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Kill Monty, by Freeverse Software, is an homage to classic arcade shooters such as Robotron: 2084 and Smash TV—and a useful reminder that games don’t have to be complex to be a lot of fun.

Freeverse’s plucky heroine Jen finds herself in a room with doors on all sides. Through the doors come marching hordes of evildoers: suit-wearing monkeys, decks of playing cards, sharks, and more. Your goal is to blast them before they can do her any harm.

Along the way, you can grab power-ups. The more accurate you are with your fire-power, the higher the Carnage meter rises—increasing the rate of power-ups and extra lives. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new difficulty levels, stages, and playable characters.

Controlling the game is fairly simple: you can move with the keyboard and aim with the mouse, or you can use keyboard controls for both actions. That said, I wish the game supported game pads.

The Bottom Line

Kill Monty proves that good games don’t need a lot of sophistication to be really fun. This addictive twitchfest is worth checking out.

[ EDITOR’S NOTE: 5/24/05 - Added product summary box. ]

Kill Monty
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