Destineer acquires Atomic Games

Destineer, the parent company of Mac game publisher MacSoft, announced Friday that it has acquired Atomic Games Inc. Atomic is the original developer of Close Combat, a series of real-time strategy games that Destineer adapted for its recently released squad-based shooter Close Combat: First to Fight.

Destineer president Peter Tamte said that what makes the Close Combat series different from other games is the psychology model used to simulate how friends and foes alike think in combat. “Close Combat guarantees players a level of authenticity no other action-oriented military game has offered,” said Tamte in a statement.

Close Combat returns to its roots with a new real time strategy game called Close Combat: Red Phoenix, due out in early 2006. The game is loosely based on the Larry Bond novel, and it takes place on the Korean peninsula in 2007. U.S. Marines and South Koreans square off against an invasion by North Korea.

This story, "Destineer acquires Atomic Games" was originally published by PCWorld.

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