Auto-opening multiple bookmarks

Like many of us, reader Reginald M. visits the same bunch of websites each day. He writes:

It gets tedious to open each site individually. Is there a way in Tiger’s version of Safari to put them in one folder, and open all at once?

You betcha! Gather all the bookmarks you want to visit at one go into a single folder in the Bookmarks Bar. Select the folder in the main bookmarks window and enable the Auto-Click option. Click the Bookmarks button in the Bookmarks Bar to return to the default browser view.

When you’ve done this you’ll discover that your folder full of bookmarks now has a small square next to it. This indicates that when you click this entry, all the bookmarks in it will open in individual tabs. Try it, you’ll like it.

Note that this is not a Tiger-only feature. You can perform this same magic with earlier versions of Safari and the Mac OS.

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