Geek Factor Podcast #2: Newton

We here at Macworld have decided to experiment with the Podcast format. So we’ve taken a page from the magazine and inaugurated the Geek Factor podcast, covering tech topics on an irregular basis.

Former Macworld intern Cyrus Farivar is the host of this Podcast. In this second 29-minute installment, the topic of choice is Apple’s Newton PDA, which still has a legion of followers even seven years after it was discontinued. Cyrus interviews Grant Hutchinson, a Newton enthusiast who even runs his own Newton-based web server.

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Show Notes:

Newton Personal Data Sharing: The Newton Web Server

  • NPDS software downloads and documentation
  • List of Newton Web Servers currently online
  • Grant Hutchinson’s Newton Server
  • Jeff Henry’s Newton Server with the backlight switch
  • Support, Community & Information

  • WikiWikiNewt
  • NewtonTalk Mailing List
  • Luckie’s Newton Gallery: Specs & Information for most Newton models
  • Newtons Around The World
  • Newton Flickr Group
  • Purchasing Used Newtons & Parts

  • J & K Sales
  • Macs R Us
  • Software

  • Einstein: The Newton Emulator Project
  • Newton Wifi Driver
  • Blunt: Newton Bluetooth driver
  • Courier: Newton Web Browser
  • Raissa: Newton RSS Newsfeed reader
  • MadMax: Newton MP3 Player
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