Extend or isolate?

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Reader Alexey Mohr has encountered a problem all-too-common in computer-based recording studios. He writes:

I just got a new Power Mac G5 2.7Ghz (woo hoo!), and I’m using it for mixing music and sound for picture in my project studio. The computer is nice and fast, and works really well. The trouble is, the fans keep spinning up and down (which is quite distracting when mixing!)

I was wondering if you had any ideas for a quiet enclosure I could put the computer in to knock back its noise by a sizable number of dB?

My band has a project studio and rather than cobble together an enclosure that may cause the Mac to overheat, we’ve chosen to use extension cables to move the Mac into another room. A friend has used the same technique to move his Mac into a nearby closet equipped with several whisper-quiet fans.

The DVI cable will most limit where you can put your computer. You can extend a DVI connection to about 10 feet before the video signal degrades to the point where it’s unusable (and even at 10 feet you may see video noise at higher resolutions). If you need to go beyond 10 feet you’re looking at an active DVI extension, which will cost over $1,000. Dr. Bott sells a passive DVI extension cable for $50.

You’ll also want to extend you USB keyboard and mouse, which you can do with Bafo’s Active USB Extension Repeater Cable —also available at Dr. Bott for $29.

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