Ejecting external DVDs

Reader Donald Mower is rich in DVD drives and would like to control all of them from the keyboard. He writes:

I have one internal and one external DVD drive in my new Power Mac G5. How do I eject/open my external drive from the computer?

I’ve yet to discover a built-in keyboard combination that makes an external media drive stick out its tray and say “ahh.” I have, however, unearthed a free utility that adds the capability to the Mac OS (Tiger included).

That utility is Blake Skinner’s Ardiem, an update to his earlier CocoaEject. Launch the thing and an Eject icon appears in the Finder’s menubar. Select Prefs from this menu, click the Active Devices tab, click the Set Key button, and assign a keyboard shortcut to the external drive. Click Close and press the keyboard command you assigned to open the drawer on the external drive. The Mac keyboard’s Eject key continues to perform its job of ejecting/opening the built-in drive.

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