Clearing Entourage calendars

Reader Thalene Mallus writes in desperation:

I need to archive (or remove in bulk) several years worth of Entourage calendar items. I have not found a way to successfully delete calendar items in bulk. Do you know of any third party plug-ins or utilities which can do this?

There’s no need to turn to a third-party when that capability is built into Entourage. Just choose Export from Entourage’s File menu, enable the Export Items to an Entourage Archive option, enable the All Items option, disable all options below save Calendar Events, and click the Next arrow. In the next window enable the Yes, Delete Items From Entourage After They Are Archived option and click the Next arrow. Click Continue to dismiss the Address Book Groups Cannot Be Exported dialog box that appears. In the Save dialog box that appears name the archive and click Save. Finally, click Done to get rid of the Export window.

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