Image titles in slideshows

Doug Fehr would dearly love to tag each frame in a slideshow with a name and I’d just as dearly love to lend a hand. He writes:

Is there a way to put the filename of each picture somewhere on the screen during a slideshow created in iMovie or iDVD or iPhoto? This would be helpful for viewers who may want to later extract a few favorite photos from the DVD’s data.

There is. Assemble a slideshow in iPhoto 5 and, in the slideshow window, click the Settings button. In the resulting sheet, enable the Show Titles option and click the OK button. Choose Share > Send to iDVD. This creates an MPEG-4 QuickTime movie file that’s stored in the Movies folder within your user’s folder. This movie will display the title of each picture in a small box in the upper left corner of the movie frame.

iDVD will open with the slideshow in place. If you like, burn the slideshow onto a DVD. Otherwise, open your Movies folder, locate the slideshow movie that iPhoto created, and do with it what you will.

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