QuickTime 7's crippled A/V Controls

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Reader Rich Root is concerned that QuickTime 7 appears to offer fewer options than previous versions of QuickTime. He writes:

The previous versions of Quicktime used to have access to the video controls to allow us to lighten, darken, change contrast, and tint videos. I upgraded to QuickTime 7 and now it seems that that feature is no longer there—the “A/V Controls” seem to cover only audio and playback speed. Is there any way to access the video controls in the new version?

QuickTime Player 7’s A/V Controls allow you to edit video only on Macs with video cards that support Apple’s Core Image technology. You’ll know if your video card lacks such support if no video adjustment sliders appear in the A/V Controls window. Without a supported card you’ll be able to adjust speed and audio settings only. This is the case in both the free and Pro versions of QuickTime.

However, this limitation doesn’t exist if you use QuickTime Player 6.5.2 with QuickTime 7. With luck, you still have a copy of this older version of QuickTime Player. Without such luck, you can download the QuickTime 6.5.2 Reinstaller and extract QuickTime Player with CharlesSoft’s $20 Pacifist.

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