BreakQuest brickbashing game released for Mac

Boston, Mass.-based Red Marble Games on Thursday announced the release of BreakQuest, a brickbashing arcade game for the Macintosh. BreakQuest requires Mac OS X and costs US$19.95. A demo version is available that includes eight playable levels.

The game has already been released for the PC and has been lauded with awards and critical acclaim. Inspired by classics like Breakout and Arkanoid, BreakQuest features a much more advanced physics engine. Balls of different sizes react different on each level as they bounce off springs, dampers and bumpers of different sizes and shapes. Bricks will hang, fall, grow, shrink, vanish, interact with other bricks and even shoot at you, according to the developer.

BreakQuest includes 100 levels, each with a different theme, 10 different player ships, nine weapons, powerups both good and bad, custom soundtrack and sound effects.

This story, "BreakQuest brickbashing game released for Mac" was originally published by PCWorld.

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