Belkin offers Flip for Mac mini

Belkin Corp. has introduced the Flip for Mac mini, a US$99.99 device that lets you share one VGA monitor, USB keyboard and mouse between Apple’s Mac mini and a second computer (it can be a PC or Mac). The Flip for Mac mini will be released in early fall, 2005, according to the company.

Belkin Flip
The Flip for Mac mini is designed to fit under the Mac mini. Touch-sensitive buttons let you switch computers, eject a CD and adjust volume. (You can plug speakers directly into the Flip using a headphone cable). The backplane of the Flip touts a a power connector, headphone/speaker jack, two USB connectors and an HD-15 VGA monitor port. No additional cables or connectors are required (though a VGA to DVI converter may be necessary if you’ve hooked up a DVI-based flat panel to your mini).

The Flip for Mac mini supports all Mac keyboards and function keys—for PC keyboard users, the CD eject button and volume controls will be a welcome addition, since those functions are found on Apple and Mac-compatible keyboards.

This story, "Belkin offers Flip for Mac mini" was originally published by PCWorld.

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