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Buried treasure

Core Image Fun House and Quartz Composer aren’t the only tools secreted away inside Tiger’s /Developer/Applications folder. Here’s a sampling of what else you’ll find:

• Audiophiles can experiment with AU Lab, a digital mixing application.

• The FileMerge utility compares files or directories and allows you to merge them. It’s a handy way to find out whether your desktop Mac and your PowerBook are in sync.

• Designers might enjoy IconComposer, which lets you use just about any image to make your own icons.

• Apple’s secret magnifying glass, Pixie, lets you magnify a portion of the screen up to 1,200 percent and then save it as an image.

• If you’re interested in Apple’s Text-To-Speech, check out Repeat After Me, which lets you play with the pitch and duration of phonemes, the building blocks of speech.

• And don’t miss the Sample Widgets folder (/Developer/Examples/Dashboard). You’ll find a handful of quirky Dashboard widgets here, including Framing Gallery (which displays a picture) and Voices (which speaks any text you type in the widget).

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