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Reader Dan Furry is getting more than he bargained for from the iTunes Music Store. He writes:

I often download extended versions of songs from the iTunes Music store, only to find that there are sections of the song (such as a slow extended intro) that weren’t apparent from the :30 preview clip. I’d love to be able to edit out portions of songs such as these. Does iTunes have that ability, or is there a plug-in somewhere that would help me perform such a function?

Ah, you’re suffering from MBS (Moody Blues Syndrome). The name originates from a condition first discovered in the late ’60s and early ’70s where an individual or group surrounded a perfectly acceptable song with drippy poetry. Today that drippy muck takes the form of long, rambling (and, oftentimes, noisy) introductions that promise great things but eventually lead to the same old verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus, out.

To remove the drip, play the track and pay attention to where the good part of the song begins—at the 30-second mark, for example. With the track selected, press Command-I to bring up the track information window. Click the Options tab and, in the Start Time field, enter the time where you’d like the track to start playing. Click OK and when you play the track in the future, it will begin from the point you designated.

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