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Marvelously matching mailboxes

Once you’ve painstakingly created the perfect smart mailboxes on your desktop Mac with Mail 2.0, you don’t have to go through the process again to set up your laptop. If you use more than one Mac and have a .Mac subscription, you can sync your smart mailboxes (along with your rules and signatures) with your other machines.

To do this, choose Mail: Preferences, click on General, and select the Rules, Signatures, And Smart Mailboxes option. If you haven’t enabled syncing in your .Mac account, follow the on-screen instructions to do so. The synchronization will occur according to the schedule you set in the .Mac preference pane.

Be aware that one smart mailbox may display different contents on each machine. Smart mailboxes act more like Finder searches than like static mailboxes, so if the messages stored on the two machines are different, the contents of their corresponding smart mailboxes will be, too.

One way to avoid this is to synchronize your mail. You can do so by going to Mail: Preferences, clicking on General, and selecting the Accounts option under Synchronize With Other Computers Using .Mac. Another solution is to simply keep your e-mail messages on the server, using an IMAP, a .Mac, or a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account. When you do that, you’ll see the same messages no matter which machine you use.

My icon, myself

Feeling mad, mopey, magnificent? When it comes to communicating your mood, the .Mac globe and the AOL icon really won’t do. Instead, browse Tiger’s 131 new stock iChat icons to find one that fits. Go to Buddies: Change My Picture. In the Buddy Picture window, click on Choose. In the resulting dialog box, click on iChat Icons in the list. Here you can select from Flags, Fruit, Flowers, Hollowbody Guitars, Fung Shui, Planets, Tribal Masks, and more.— Scholle Sawyer McFarland

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