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Have you ever wanted to take a screenshot of a Web page? I don’t mean the part of the page you can see —OS X’s own screenshot feature can take care of that. I mean the entire thing, including what’s currently scrolled out of view. If so, check out the free Paparazzi 0.2.3 (   ) by Nate Weaver and Johan Sørensen.

To capture a page, simply launch Paparazzi, type in the page's URL, and enter the width, in pixels, of the browser window you want to emulate. The latter option is useful if you’re developing Web sites, as you can save shots of how a page will look on screens of different sizes. (Note that if a page has a designated minimum width, Paparazzi uses that width instead of the one you enter.) You can also enter a minimum height, handy for short pages. Click the Capture button and you’re presented with a preview of the page. (Resizing the Paparazzi window resizes the preview.)


If you like what you see, click the Save Image As button. You can save the resulting screenshot in JPEG, PNG, or TIFF format; if you choose JPEG, you can also adjust the quality (and, thus, the file size) of the image.

Now, I’m sure some readers are saying, “But you can already do this in OS X by “printing” the page to PDF or (in Tiger) by using Safari’s Web Archive feature!” But here’s the thing: When you print to PDF, the resulting printout often looks quite different from what you see on the screen, not to mention that it’s broken into separate pages, each with its own headers. And the Web Archive feature is useful only if you’re planning on sending the resulting archive to another Tiger user; even then, it reflects only how that user would view the page on his or her own computer, not, for example, how the page would look to someone with a 1024 x 768 screen. If you’re a Web designer who wants to send a client a sample of the site you’re working on, or if you just want to get a quick snapshot of what a particular Web page looked like at a given time, a screenshot can be quite useful.

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