Apple discontinues Mac mini 'test drive' offer

Apple confirmed for MacCentral on Thursday that an offer the company made available just yesterday to test drive the Mac mini has been discontinued. The company offered no reason why the promotion had been discontinued, but they did have good news for consumers that ordered a computer during the time the promotion was active.

"The 'Test Drive a Mac mini' program is no longer available," Apple said in a statement given to MacCentral. "We will honor the terms and conditions of the program for qualifying customers who registered with the promotion while it lasted."

The company on Wednesday offered customers a chance to try out the Mac mini for 30 days. If you bought it and didn’t like it, you could call Apple and they would take it back — as well as an Apple keyboard and mouse, if you buy one at the same time — for a full refund.

There was no word whether the offer would return.

Updated 11:40PM 09/01/05: Added a statement provided by Apple

This story, "Apple discontinues Mac mini 'test drive' offer" was originally published by PCWorld.

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