Annotating iPhoto contact sheets

Reader Ashley Williamson (who really should consider licensing his or her name to Harlequin Romance, LLC.) is dismayed by the limitations of iPhoto’s contact sheet capabilities. Specifically:

I am a photographer and I use iPhoto for most of my importing/downloading of files and organizing them to burn to CD or DVD. I also use iPhoto to print thumbnail contact sheets for my clients that go with the CD of images. The problem is that iPhoto will not allow me to print the contact sheets with the images numbers…it will print only the thumbnails themselves. So basically the contact sheets are useless to the clients when printed from iPhoto. Is there a setting on iPhoto I’m missing?

Sort of. You’re printing contact sheets correctly, but, as you suggest, iPhoto doesn’t allow you to print titles or filenames on these images. Here’s a way around it.

In iPhoto select the image you’d like to appear on the contact sheet and choose Share > Export. In the resulting Export Photos window, click the Web Page tab. Within that tab enter the number of columns and rows of pictures you’d like to appear on a page and in the Thumbnail portion of the window, enable the Show Title option. Click Export to save the pictures to a web page.

When you open that web page in your browser you’ll discover that it carries not only the images you selected, but also each image’s title. Now simply print each page and you’ve got the contact sheet you’re after.

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