Stitcher 5 panorama app ships this month

French software developer Realviz has announced plans to ship Stitcher 5 in September. It’s the latest version of their panorama software for Mac OS X and Windows. The new version costs US$580. Users of Stitcher 4 can upgrade for $250.

Stitcher 5 lets photographers, architects and others stitch together individual digital photos to create wide-angle panoramic shots suitable for use on the Web, in print, film and 3D. You can create spherical, cubic, cylindrical and planar panoramas, including cubical QuickTime VR images. You can also define QuickTime VR “hotspots,” use templates, apply 16-bit per channel support, retouch images in image editors, manage distortion and more.

New features in Stitcher 5 include an improved user interface, a “full automatic” stitching engine, live preview mode, manual control points, 3D stencils, import of Photoshop masks, QuickTime VR scripts and more.

System requirements call for G3 or better, 128MB RAM, 1024 x 768 24-bit resolution graphics and 50MB free hard disk space.

This story, "Stitcher 5 panorama app ships this month" was originally published by PCWorld.

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