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Better Burning

Now that you’ve got a shiny new SuperDrive in your G4, you can benefit from these media-burning tips.

• To get the fastest possible burning from your drive, use media with the same rating as your drive. Some 2x DVD media burn at 1x on a 4x burner; likewise, some 4x media burn at 1x on a 2x burner.

• To make the discs you burn compatible with as many drives as possible, burn media at 1x.

• Older DVD drives are more finicky than recent models. If you don’t know the age of the DVD player you’re targeting, use Apple or other name-brand media, which are more likely to be recognized and played.

• Before you buy a 50-pack spindle of unknown media, buy and burn a few sample discs to make sure the quality is good.

• Read media packaging closely—one symbol can make all the difference. For example, DVD-R drives don’t burn to DVD+R media.

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