Spinning a Better Web

Spinning a Better Web

You’d think that, 15 years after the Web was invented, we’d know everything we need to know about browsing and building the Web. But we don’t.

For one thing, browsers keep getting better. The latest version of Apple’s Safari has plenty of new features. And though Mozilla’s Firefox has only a fraction of Safari’s market share, it’s rapidly gaining converts, thanks to its seemingly endless customizability.

Meanwhile, a new Weblog is born every second—blogging has clearly gone mainstream. And each month brings a slew of new tools that can help you make your Web pages more beautiful, more interesting, and easier to use.

In the pages that follow are tips for using the latest versions of Safari and Firefox, advice on picking the Mac-compatible blogging tool that’s right for you, and a guide to the best low-cost and free Web-building tools out there. Add all that to this issue’s review of the latest browsers, and it’s everything you need to know about the Web today.

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