Tricked-out cursors

Recent switcher Joe Robertson is perplexed by the absence of a favorite Windows feature in the Mac OS. He queries:

I just purchased my first Mac after using Windows since Win v3.0 many years ago. The mouse cursor is an arrow. I did find where I can change the size of the cursor. How can I change the mouse cursor picture itself?

Joe, better that I break it to you than a passing stranger in a WiFi coffee shop, but we Mac folk gave up tricking out our Macs this way back in the OS 8 days. As you’ll learn, most Mac users would no more replace Apple’s elegant black arrow cursor with some pixelated sparkler than we would slap rouge and lipstick on the Venus de Milo.

But to each his own. You can change your Mac’s cursor with the help of Unsanity's $10 Mighty Mouse. This is a haxie , a small bit of code written to tweak Mac OS X, that lets you customize the Mac’s built-in cursors as well as add some of your own from sites such as ResExcellence. You can even import cursors designed for Windows XP.

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