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Are you a Web designer, or just someone (like myself) who muddles around with Web sites on occasion? If so, you’re probably familiar with the hex-encoded colors you need to use in HTML and CSS. For example:

<pre style="color:#FF2F2A">

In this case, #FF2F2A is used to indicate that the text in this section of the Web page will be red. There are a number of ways to get the hex-encoded HTML values for a given color; most any decent graphics program—such as Photoshop or Photoshop Elements—have such tools built-in. But I’m not a full-time graphics person (nor a Web designer, as anyone who has visited my sites will attest!), so I don’t have Photoshop Elements running all the time…and it’s a bit large to fire it up just to get the hex-encoded color values for a color.

Enter ColorTagGen .01 ( ). This free (and open source!) little app does only one thing, but does it quite well. Using a simple two-window interface, ColorTagGen displays the RGB and hex-encoded color values for any selected color. Rather than trying to describe how it works, here’s a brief demonstration movie.

As you can see, ColorTagGen is fast, and the handy Copy HTML button makes it a snap to get the hex-encoded values (e.g., #fccea7) onto the Clipboard. ColorTagGen also loads very quickly, so I don’t even leave it running—I’ve assigned it a hotkey in Butler, and now it’s always a mere keyboard combo away when I need it.

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