For the second time in as many weeks, Apple held a press conference to roll out new hardware and software. And for the second consecutive week, we discuss Apple’s latest maneuvers in a special edition of the Macworld Podcast.

Unlike last week’s developments, which focused entirely on video and consumer products, this week’s press event focused entirely on pro users. Apple added higher-resolution displays and longer battery life to its PowerBook line and unveiled new Power Mac desktops powered by dual-core processors. Wednesday also marked the debut of Aperture, a post-production tool Apple is aiming at professional photographers.

Senior How-To Editor Kelly Turner, who knows a thing or two about digital photography, joins me for this episode of the Macworld Podcast to talk about Aperture and Apple’s hardware happenings.

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Errata / Corrections

There are two minor misstatements in this podcast we'd like to clarify:

• ISO (along with f-stop and shutter speed) can not be changed after the fact in RAW.

• According to Apple, while Aperture is based on a "SQL-like database," it is not a SQL database per se.

Show Notes

Here’s Macworld ’s coverage of that latest round of Apple product news:

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Apple offers Aperture for pro photographers

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Kelly also wrote an Editors’ Notes blog entry on Aperture, which you can read about here.

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