Software for switching

Not every Mac user lives in a single-platform world. Take the case of reader Robert Sena:

I am mainly a Mac user, but I need to use a PC sometimes. I don’t want to take up desk space with two keyboards, so I’m looking for a KVM switch that will let me use a Mac keyboard to emulate a PC keyboard. Can you recommend one?

A KVM switch—that’s KVM for keyboard , video , and mouse —lets you control multiple computers from a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. But you don’t necessarily need to seek out an exotic KVM switch to do what Robert’s asking about. You just need to configure Windows so that its keyboard mapping matches your keyboard’s physical layout.

You have a couple of choices. The first is’s free SharpKeys 1.1, a Windows registry hack that makes certain keys on a keyboard act like other keys. The second is AppleK Pro’s $25 Apple Keyboard driver for Windows, a driver for Windows that supports Apple’s USB keyboards (among others).

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