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Out of ideas? Out of time? Or just plain broke? Here are a couple quick hits to help finish off your list.

Key : $ —gifts costing between $0 and $30; $$ —gifts costing between $31 and $200; $$$ —gifts costing more than $200.

Dust buster $

$2 and up; various vendors

Yes, selling air is probably the biggest marketing ploy of all time. But a can of compressed air is a geek classic: it’s the best way to keep dust, dirt, and other nasty stuff out of your Mac and keyboard. One blast will send dust mites and Krispy Kreme crumbs running for their lives.—Cyrus Farivar

The unkillable pet $

$20; ThinkGeek

Fish are the perfect office pet: they don’t need walks, they aren’t emotionally demanding, and they come in all sorts of freaky colors. Too bad their tanks get so skanky. If you want to brighten up the life of someone who spends 18 hours a day in a drab beige cubicle, but you don’t want to burden him or her with the care of live fish, check out this USB Mini Desktop Aquarium , in which the fish are made of maintenance-free plastic. When you plug the thing into any handy USB port, they move around—a little bit.—Cyrus Farivar

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