Podcasting has come of age—it’s finally got its own trade show.

This past weekend, I joined Playlist Reviews Editor Dan Frakes and Senior Editor Chris Breen in Ontario, Calif., for the inaugural Portable Media Expo and Podcast Conference.

The conference featured sessions on creating and delivering digital content—that’s fancy talk for “podcasting”—and drew podcasters from around the country. I spoke to several—including Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus of “Dawn and Drew” fame—about how they got into podcasting, why they do it, and the gear they use to deliver their podcasts to the masses. Maybe it will inspire you to dive into making a podcast of your own.

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Show Notes

You can get the complete coverage of the Portable Media and Podcast Expert at Playlist, including a preview of the event and a report from the show floor, both by yours truly. As for the podcasters that I interviewed, they include:

• Jason Miller of The Finer Points, a podcast on aviation;
• Richard Tafoya, general manager of LiveDaily.com, a forthcoming podcast on music;
• Richard Sergeant of The WildeBeat, the audio journal about getting into the wilderness;
• Michael Geoghegan, of Reel Reviews, and author of Podcast Solutions: The Complete Guide to Podcasting ; and
• the aforementioned Dawn Miceli and Drew Domkus, of The Dawn and Drew Show, self-described as “two ex-gutter punks fall in love, buy a retired farm in Wisconsin and tell the world their dirty secrets… always profane, rarely profound.”

A final note: the Macworld Podcast returns to its regular Wednesday schedule on November 16, when we’ll talk about Automator and AppleScripting with AppleScript product manager Sal Soghoian.

Music Credits: “Basic” by Epicte the Elemental. Want to hear more of his music? Need a DJ in the Washington, D.C. area? E-mail him at epicte@gmail.com.

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