Nucleo pumps After Effects speed on multicore Macs

GridIron Software has introduced Nucleo — a new add-on for Adobe After Effects that boosts its rendering speed on multiprocessor and multicore computers, including Apple’s latest Power Mac G5s. Nucleo is expected to be released in mid-December for US$149 per computer, and works on Adobe After Effects 6.5.1 running on Mac OS X or Windows.

Nucleo enables After Effects to run in parallel on multicore and multiprocessor machines, which produces performance gains of up to 300 percent in rendering and preview activities, according to the company.

Nucleo is an outgrowth of GridIron’s efforts with grid computing, which divides computationally-intensive activities up between multiple computers on a network. GridIron previous released X-Factor, which uses grid computing to share the burden of rendering motion graphics and video effects in After Effects.

Steve Forde, GridIron’s CEO, said that Nucleo for After Effects is the first of many versions of the product that GridIron plans for desktop applications. GridIron’s plan is to have two more products that take advantage of multicore and multiprocessor systems in time for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2006 show, which happens in April.

This story, "Nucleo pumps After Effects speed on multicore Macs" was originally published by PCWorld.

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