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E-mail signatures provide a handy way to sign off your messages with a pithy quote or your name and address without having to type the same text repeatedly. One of the nicer new features in Tiger’s Mail is the ability to have multiple signatures per e-mail account. Go to Mail: Preferences and click on the Signatures tab to enter your text. Then click on the plus-sign to add additional ones.

Here you’ll also find a Choose Signature pop-up menu, which lets you specify how your multiple signatures are selected for use. You can pick just one, or have them rotate sequentially or randomly. I like to use a three-line signature; the first two lines are always the same, while the last line contains some sort of witty saying. So I use the random option to pick a different one each time I compose a new message.

But what do you do when, for whatever reason, the chosen signature just isn’t right for either the subject or the recipient of the message? There’s no obvious way to pick another signature when you’re composing a message in Mail. You could use the Signature pop-up menu in the composition window to pick one, but that may not be the easiest solution—particularly if you have 100+ quotes in your Signature collection. Or you could close the New Message window and open a new one, but that’s a fair bit of work. No, there’s a much simpler, yet not nearly so obvious, solution close at hand.

To pick a new random signature from your collection, just click the Account pop-up and re-select the same sending account. When you do, you’ll get a new randomly chosen signature. This trick even works if you’ve already started typing your mesasge; Mail knows exactly where your signature resides, and replaces it perfectly when you re-select the same account from the Accounts pop-up. This is a completely non-intuitive solution to the problem, but it definitely works, and it works well!

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