Entourage and printing attachments

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Reader Russell Hall is flummoxed by Entourage attachments. He writes:

I regularly get photos as attachments to e-mails. However, all too often when I go to print them the photos are too large—what looks on screen like a short e-mail with a couple of photos prints as a short e-mail and a stack of paper as Entourage tiles each photo across several sheets of paper. There is no Preference setting within Entourage to resize photos before printing and I have tried looking for a script, but can’t find anything. Do you know of a solution?

Not a great one, no. I can shed some light on the issue, however.

If an image was embedded in an email message, Entourage provides, as a convenience , a preview of that image that fits in the message windows. When you print the message it prints the attached image at full size rather than at the size of the preview.

To print an image that fits your printer, drag the image file from the message’s attachments field onto the Dock’s iPhoto icon, choose Print within iPhoto, and select a print size that’s more convenient (4x6 or 5x7, for example).

Alternatively you could change print scaling within Entourage so that the image fits on the page. To do so, choose Page Setup from Entourage’s File menu and change the 100% setting in the Scale field to something smaller—for a large image I found 25% did the trick. Within the Print dialog box you can click Preview to see exactly what the message and image will look like when printed.

If you’re not concerned about pristine quality you could also expand the message window so as many of your images show as possible, take a screen shot (using Shift-Command-4 to bring up a cursor that allows you to constrain the shot to your liking), and then print the resulting screenshot image.

Finally, if these images are routinely sent by the same person—your mother sends a daily picture of the poodle, for example—you might send a polite reply that reads:

“Mom, thanks so much for the latest shots of Fifi. Such a lamb! I enjoy these pictures so much that I print each and every one! Because I do, would you mind formatting the photos so that they’re no larger than 640x480? Anything more expansive causes the picture to be split between pages. You’re a dear. Best to the mutt!”

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