Fuji Blu-ray, HD DVD media coming in 2006

Fuji Film announced on Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that it would have Blu-ray and HD DVD media available by mid-2006. The company also said they are continuing research on holographic storage technology, which is significantly more advanced than anything on the market today.

Fuji’s work with holographic technology will bring multiple terabyte optical storage capacity to the consumer, according to the company. Fuji says that a single terabyte of holographic disc storage is roughly the equivalent of 16 days of continuously running DVD movies, or 8,000 times more data than a human brain retains in a lifetime.

Fuji will have prototypes of the new Blu-ray and HD DVD media will be shown at the company’s booth at CES.

This story, "Fuji Blu-ray, HD DVD media coming in 2006" was originally published by PCWorld.

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