Adding background color to TextEdit

Reader Jack Howard, like an increasing number of us, finds his eyesight less keen.

I use TextEdit a good bit for writing long blocks of copy for emails and online comments in forums, where I want to spellcheck, and be able to save an offline draft of an article, letter or such.

I must admit that my eyes are getting a bit older, and I find that the bright white background makes my eyes sore and I get dazzled a fair bit when working for quite a while in a TextEdit document.

Is there a way to change the background color to something less glaring? A muted yellow? A soft pink? A mint green? (Basically the sticky note colors.)

There is. First, be sure that you’re working in an RTF (Rich Text Format) document. Choose Format > Fonts > Show Fonts. In the resulting Font palette, click the fourth icon from the left at the top of the window (the one with the small page icon). This pops up the Colors palette where you can then choose the document’s background color.

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