MWSF: Levi's offers iPod jeans

Is that a joystick in your pocket? Why, yes it is. Levi's announced its new line of RedWire DLX Jeans, available worldwide in fall 2006. The jeans feature a built-in iPod docking cradle, joystick and retractable headphones.

Designed for both men and women, the jeans are designed to be compatible with most iPod systems. A special joystick is built into the jeans’ watch pocket, with four-way controls to allow the wearer to play, pause, track forward, track back and adjust the volume control without ever removing the iPod from the pocket.

An iPod docking cradle is housed within a side pocket. Levi’s designed the pocket so that the iPod bulge is “virtually eliminated.” The cradle has a red conductive ribbon that allows users to remove their iPod from the pocket to view its screen while staying connected. The jeans are machine washable once the iPod is removed.

A white leather patch and joystick, bluffed back pockets with hidden stitching, and minimalist buttons and rivets allude to the iPod’s famously pure design.

This story, "MWSF: Levi's offers iPod jeans" was originally published by PCWorld.

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