Thursday is the penultimate day of Macworld Expo—so much to cover, so little time!

Editorial Director Jason Snell led a 40-minute discussion at the Macworld Live booth about Apple’s transition to Intel chips. They discussed how the new hardware affects ordinary users and how Rosetta will bridge the gap between the old software and the new.

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Show Notes

• All Macworld Expo coverage can be found Macworld Conference & Expo topic page.

• Jason Snell also wrote the Mac Intel FAQ 2006 earlier today. Our complete Intel Transition coverage can be found here.

• We’ve also got today’s Best of Show awards. I will also have a video podcast of the awards available as a separate download later this evening.

Production Credits: Big thanks to Alan Wiig for editing audio for me this week.

Music Credits: “Basic” by Epicte the Elemental. Want to hear more of his music? Need a DJ in the Washington, D.C. area? E-mail him at

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