Friday was the final day of Macworld Expo—I hope those of you who made it to the show had a great time. For those of you who couldn’t be at the show this year, I hope to see you at Macworld Expo 2007! We’ve got all of our coverage here.

The final podcast of the week is a wrap-up session that was hosted by Jason Snell, our editorial director, talking with fellow Macworld editors Jonathan Seff and Jim Dalrymple about their thoughts on the events of the week.

Download Macworld Podcast #24 (20.9MB - 45 minutes).

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Show Notes

In the beginning of the show, I talked about Google Earth, which is a free download available from the Google site. It’s worth noting, again, that Google Earth won a Best of Show award.

Errata : In the podcast, I also erroneously mention a program called Media Center—I should have said Media Central. You can download it for free from Equinux.

Production Credits: Big thanks to Alan Wiig for editing audio and being my cameraman for me this week.

Music Credits: “Basic” by Epicte the Elemental. Want to hear more of his music? Need a DJ in the Washington, D.C. area? E-mail him at

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