Macworld Live! with David Pogue

Steve Jobs’ keynote gathers much of the attention at Macworld Expo—and deservedly so. But it’s not the only featured presentation during the week. On Wednesday, January 11, New York Times columnist—and Macworld contributing editor— David Pogue presented his own version of a talk show, “Macworld Live!”

We could tell you all about the session—featuring guest appearances from “Joy of Tech” co-creator Bruce Evans, GeekCulture creator artist Liza Schmalcel, Garage Technology Ventures managing director (and one-time Apple evangelist) Guy Kawasaki, and CEO Phil Bates, as well as song parodies from Pogue himself. But we’d rather just give you the opportunity to listen in. Event organizer IDG World Expo has provided the audio of “Macworld Live! with David Pogue,” which we’re offering in two 45-minute chunks.

You can download part one (20.5MB) and part two (27MB) by clicking on the appropriate links.

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