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If you want to watch full screen movies, save many Web-based videos, create video projects using H.264 compression, and more, then you might find Apple’s $29.95 QuickTime Pro to be quite the bargain. But what if you really couldn’t care less about the Pro version? Apple makes it hard to forget all the features you’ll get when you upgrade QuickTime Player. Every time you access the application’s menus, you see grayed-out entries labeled with the large “Pro” icon.

The icon was added, I believe, to reduce customer confusion over why menu options are grayed out—some are grayed out because certain features only work in a certain mode, while others are grayed out because they’re only available with the upgrade. Although that’s an understandable rationale, it doesn’t make the “Pro” icon less visually jarring. Not only does the icon look different than the other menu entries, it also breaks up the menus’ alignment:

Thankfully, it’s ridiculously easy to give this icon the boot. Quit QuickTime Player and then control-click on its icon in the Finder. Choose Show Package Contents from the contextual menu, and then open the Contents/Resources folder. In the Resources folder, you’ll find a file named ProMenuItem.tif . To disable the icon in the menus, simply rename this file. (You could delete it, but renaming it is safer.) Call it ProMenuItem_disabled.tif , for instance, so you might remember its original name if you ever want to put the icon back in the menu.

Now relaunch QuickTime Player, and enjoy the uncluttered and icon-free menu items:

Note that this trick will not give you QuickTime Pro capabilities. It simply removes the Pro icon from the applicable menu items in QuickTime Player.

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