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Be prepared

If there’s the slightest chance you’ll have to send a huge file while you’re on the road, be sure to pack:

•  phone and Ethernet cables (for making whatever wired connections you can)

•  an iPod, a pocket hard drive, or a USB flash drive (for file transfers)

•  blank CDs or DVDs

•  your favorite FTP client (I like Panic’s $30 Transmit [   ])

•  a Windows FTP client (check the Windows sections of VersionTracker or ) on a CD, in case you have to transfer files via a PC with no FTP client

•  Allume’s StuffIt Deluxe, which can compress files (an essential first step that many utilities can accomplish) and divide large files into smaller segments, giving you more transfer options

File-transfer services

If neither e-mail nor FTP is workable, consider a Web-based file-transfer service. After using your Web browser to upload one or more files, you get a private link from which the file can be downloaded; you can then send the link to your file’s intended recipient.

The services listed here are free, but some offer larger file-size limits, greater bandwidth, or other benefits for a fee. Some also include e-mail notification for the recipient. Most offer live progress indicators, but these indicators seldom worked in the Mac browsers I tested (Safari, Firefox, OmniWeb, and Opera)—even when the uploads themselves succeeded.

Service Registration Required? File Size Maximum Browser Compatibility:Uploads Browser Compatibility:Progress Indicator E-mail Notification? Paid Upgrade Available? yes 100MB Firefox,OmniWeb,Opera,Safari none yes no no 250MB Firefox,Opera Firefox,Opera * no yes no 50MB Firefox,OmniWeb,Opera,Safari Firefox,OmniWebSafari no yes yes unlimited Firefox,OmniWeb,Opera,Safari Firefox yes yes no 1GB Firefox,OmniWeb,Opera,Safari none yes no

* Both are text only.

[ Joe Kissell has written numerous e-books about Mac OS X software. ]

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