Keeping track with iTunes

Reader Philip Booth is having problems keeping iTunes in line. He writes:

When I import CDs into iTunes sometimes the track sequence gets messed up. This is no problem with popular CDs, but is a problem with classical CDs. If the tracks get out of sequence the piece makes no sense. I have tried to rearrange the tracks by dragging and dropping but it doesn’t let me move the tracks around. What is the solution to this?

Before resorting to dragging track names around, try clicking iTunes’ Album heading—this is the approved method for putting tracks in their original order. (If tracks appear in reverse order, click the triangle on the right side of the column.)

If that still doesn’t do the trick, click the very first column heading—the one that bears no name that sits atop the track numbers. When you select this column you can drag tracks around to change their order.

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