Islands Mini Golf goes Universal, adds water effects

Jammin’ Racer developer Danlab Games has released an updated version of their 3D mini golf action game, Islands Mini Golf. The new version, 1.4, is available for download from the Web site. A free update for registered users, Islands Mini Golf costs $25.50 to register.

Set on a series of tropical islands, Islands Mini Golf features a total of 90 holes spread over five different courses — “Coco Paradise,” “Jammin Islands,” “King Castle,” “Pharaoh Islands” and “Zhao Islands.” Each set of holes sports a unique theme with its own look and feel.

Islands Mini Golf features simultaneous play for up to four players (using “hot-seat” mode on a single computer) and can record high scores online, so you can compare your skills to other players. This original Mac game features its own soundtrack and up to 12 different cartoon characters to choose from. You can play each course straight through, or quit after playing a hole, resuming your saved game later.

New to the 1.4 release is Universal Binary support for Intel-based Macs, as well as a huge improvement in graphics quality for systems that can support shading technology — the game now features water shader effects, creating water with ripples and wave reflections. These screenshots show the game “before” and “after” with water shaders turned off and on.

This story, "Islands Mini Golf goes Universal, adds water effects" was originally published by PCWorld.

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