Dim3 game engine offered for mod makers, coders

Klink Software has released dim3 v1.5, which they call “a 3D action game ‘without content’.” Dim3 is a 3D game engine that has been created for mod makers and coders alike to do with what they will, to create their own games. Dim3 is free.

Klink says that dim3 can be used by modders to create just about any aspect of the engine including scripts and editors. It’s capable of working to power a first-person shooter, 3D adventure game, 2D side scroller, top-down RPG, driving or racing game, network battle game and more, according to the developer.

Features of dim3 including dynamic lighting and volumetric shadows, OpenGL Shader Language (GLSL)-based shader effects and per-pixel effects. Dim3 is a free-polygon engine and supports a skeletal animation system. It uses Mozilla’s Spidermonkey Javascript engine for scripting, and supports time-based effects. It also contains a complete networking implementation that works over local and wide area networks.

What’s more, dim3 has been developed as open source code — developers are encouraged to download with dim3 and tinker with the actual code.

Changes in the new 1.5 release include myriad enhancements to the engine, input system, user interface, scripting system, animation, editor and more. A complete list of changes is available online.

This release also marks the introduction of a Windows version of dim3; up to now it’s been a Mac OS X exclusive. Also, Mac game development community iDevGames has recent created a forum for people interested in discussing dim3.

This story, "Dim3 game engine offered for mod makers, coders" was originally published by PCWorld.

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