The Sims 2 goes Universal

At last, the news that many Mac gamers have been waiting for: On Wednesday Aspyr Media released a Universal Binary version of The Sims 2. The 1.0 Rev D update is available for download from

The Sims 2 is Maxis’ incredibly popular simulated life game, ported to the Mac by Aspyr Media. The game puts you in command of Sims, artificial people who live, work and love in a world inside your computer. You help them decorate their homes, find fulfilling jobs, meet friends and lovers and raise families.

The 1.0 Rev D release is billed as an official update to the software — by far the biggest change is Universal Binary support that lets the game run natively on Intel-powered Macs. But there are other changes, too: It fixes a problem rotating sims in the Create-A-Sim mode; prevents both The Sims 2 and the Body shop from running at the same time; fixes a crash on quit with Tiger and certain Nvidia graphics chips and more — you can get a list of what’s changed in this release online.

The Sims 2 1.0 Rev D is a free update for users of the game.

This story, "The Sims 2 goes Universal" was originally published by PCWorld.

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