Seagate goes to 750GB with new drive

Seagate Technology on Wednesday announced the release of a 750GB version of its Barracuda 3.5-inch hard disk drive mechanism.

The newest Barracuda 7200/10 model comes in capacities ranging from 200GB to 750GB and features support for Ultra ATA/100 and SATA interfaces with either 8MB or 16MB of data cache buffer.

The drive makes use of perpendicular recording technology, which stands data bits vertically on the disc media, rather than horizontally as hard disks have traditionally worked. That enables Seagate to achieve higher throughput without increasing the drive’s rotational speed — 7200RPM — by making more data pass under the drive head in the same amount of time.

Seagate did not announce the suggested retail price of the new 750GB Barracuda drive, but third-party vendors are expected to begin offering the new drive in internal and external configurations immediately.

This story, "Seagate goes to 750GB with new drive" was originally published by PCWorld.

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