Toying with Pages' templates

Reader David Albrecht has a question concerning Pages and printers. He writes:

I have a Pages question. Is there any way to change the default paper size and the default font? My new documents always open in an A4 paper size and I end up changing them to letter size every time. My International prefs are set to U.S. measurement units and when I try to “save as default” from the Page Setup command, it has no effect. Any other suggestions?

Sure, create templates that match the settings you desire. For example, if you routinely choose the Business Letter template when Pages whips down its templates sheet, choose it, make the changes you want to its font and Page Setup settings, and choose File > Save as Template.

Give it a name you’re likely to remember— My Business Letters , for example—and click Save. The template—complete with new font and page setup settings—will be saved to the My Templates folder and will appear when you click the My Templates entry in Pages’ templates sheet.

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