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Geek cred is nothing to be ashamed of, so feel free to show your true colors. These little knick-knacks will let the world know you’re afraid of neither technology nor the fashion it inspires.



It’s a mash-up of Slashdot, Digg, and, and it’s a great new source for all kinds of geek news.

2. Valleywag


Want to know who’s in and who’s out at Google? What’s the next hot startup? Who are the cutest guys and girls in the Valley? This new gossip site tells all.

3. Kyocera KR-1


Get Kyocera’s KR-1 router, and you can hit the Net wirelessly (at speeds as fast as 2.4 megabits per second), from nearly anywhere you can receive a cell-phone signal.

4. Skype

prices vary;

Surely you’re not using the plain old telephone system to place your calls anymore? Naturally you’re hep to all the advantages of Internet calling—lower costs, integration with your Mac, general geek cred? If not, it’s time to jump on the bandwagon. Skype is the heavy favorite in digerati circles.

5. Geek Love-Poem Shirt


Do geeks have feelings? They certainly will in this stylin’ black T-shirt, with a love poem only coders will grok.

6. Circuitboard Business Card Holder


Yes, sometimes you still have to hand out old-fashioned, paper-based business cards. And when you do, make sure you whip them out of this little case with a stylish circuit-board exterior.

7. Cinnamon Caffeine

$15 (six pack);

Mints You’ve been up for days, hammering on the keyboard. You’re tired and your breath reeks, but you don’t have time to sleep or brush your teeth. What to do? Pop a couple of these supercharged breath mints, and you’ll be good for another all-nighter.

Silly things you can plug into a USB port

Those USB ports on your Mac aren’t just for plugging in boring old flash drives and run-of-the-mill input devices. Plenty of USB-based peripherals offer equal flair alongside functionality. Here are six of my favorite USB devices that score high on the wackiness scale.

Mini Lava Lamp: Lava lamps are great for those moments at 2 a.m. when you find yourself staring at your Mac’s screen for what seems like hours. But then your eyes start to wander, and you turn to Lava World International’s $10 Mini Lava Lamp—the world’s most simple-yet-fascinating toy.

Massage Ball: Everyone needs a massage sometimes. Most of us can’t afford a massage as often as we’d like one. So why not get one via the power of USB with this $8 Massage Ball?

Sushi Flash Drives: If you’re going to carry your data around on a flash USB drive, why not do it in a unique way, with a device that resembles something off of a plate of nigiri? These Sushi Disk drives from Dynamism will satisfy your hunger for unique-looking storage devices. But just like the real thing, good sushi flash drives aren’t cheap—most models sell for $99.

Flash Wristband: Say this about a USB flash drive you wear on your body: it’s a lot more difficult to lose the Flash Wristband, which sells for anywhere from $16 to $65 depending on capacity.

Barenaked Ladies on a Stick: This $30 flash drive rocks—literally. The best band to ever come out of the Great White North, Barenaked Ladies will throw in a flash drive along with several of their fantastic tunes.

Hello Kitty USB 2.0 Flash Drive 256MB: Still looking for the perfect geeky item for that Hello Kitty fan in your life? This $68 flash drive comes with a sweet Hello Kitty lanyard that you can wear around your neck. It’s not the Wristband, but it’s cuter.

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