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After that long weekend, you’re probably just easing back into the week—seems like Tuesday’s the new Monday, right? To help with the transition, here’s a nice simple Mail tip.

You may occasionally receive a Mail message with more than one attachment—a number of pictures of your new niece or nephew, for example. If you want to forward this message to others, it’s simple. Just click the Forward button and you’re done. But what if you only want to forward one of the many pictures? You could save the attachments to the Finder, open a new Mail message, and attach the image you wish to forward to the new message. Or you could open a new message in Mail, and drag the attachment from the original message to the new message.

While both the above methods work, here’s a potentially simpler third option. In the original message, select (click once) the attachment you wish to forward, then hit the Forward button. A new message will open, with just the chosen attachment included. Presto! This trick only works for attachments that show in the body area of the message. If the attachments are only listed in the Attachments section of the header, you’ll have to save them locally first.

This trick works because Mail basically sees the attachment as text—and when you select text in a Mail message and click Forward, only the selected text is quoted in the forward. You can use this method to attach more than one object, but since you can’t selectively select objects in Mail messages (Shift-click will select everything between the current selection and the cursor), it’s not all that useful.

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