Apple expands 'Get a Mac' ad campaign

Apple has added three new spots to its Get a Mac advertising campaign, which features television spots starring John Hodgman as a PC and Justin Long as a Mac.

The television ads show both Hodgman and Long standing side by side on a white stage as they compare and contrast the capabilities of Macs and PCs. Hodgman, dressed in an ill-fitting business suit, is inevitably portrayed as clueless and deficient, while Long, in a black sweatshirt and jeans, exudes easygoing charm and a casual cool.

Spots already in circulation involve Hodgman’s PC contracting a virus and having to restart, and Long relaying the kudos he’s gotten from publications like the Wall Street Journal, or his ease of use when interoperating with other peripherals like the latest digital camera from Japan (portrayed in the spot as a Japanese-speaking woman who holds Long’s hand and mysteriously produces an 8 x 10 glossy out of her backside).

The three new spots are entitled “Out of the Box,” “Touché” and “Work vs. Home.” Once again, Long’s Mac is foil to Hodgman’s PC — Long is ready and rarin’ to go from the box, while Hodgman discovers that the rest of his parts are in another box; Long explains that he can run Windows XP too, thanks to Boot Camp; and Long describes all the fun things he can do, like record music, podcasts and so on.

You can view all the spots, including the new ads, at Apple’s Web site.

This story, "Apple expands 'Get a Mac' ad campaign" was originally published by PCWorld.

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