Wolfram intros Workbench IDE for Mathematica

Wolfram Research has announced the pre-release of Wolfram Workbench, an integrated development environment (IDE) for Mathematica technologies. It’s scheduled for release in July, 2006 for $145, and will be available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Based on the Eclipse IDE, Wolfram Workbench is intended to help developers of large-scale scientific and technical projects who want to use code developed in the Mathematica language. Wolfram envisions Workbench as a tool for engineering, science, finance and education.

Workbench features include project management for files, code and other Mathematica resources; source code editing with syntax highlighting, error reporting, local variable coloring and other options; the ability to study code as it’s running and detecting and fixing problems; code profiling; multiple version control and more.

A free prerelease is now available to Wolfram Research Premier Service customers.

This story, "Wolfram intros Workbench IDE for Mathematica" was originally published by PCWorld.

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