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Software Jackpot: Universal compatibility

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Software Jackpot

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Wondering if the programs profiled in our “Software Jackpot” feature will run natively on your Intel-based Mac? Check out the table below for a quick rundown of their status.

The Universal status and version numbers of the programs listed below were current as our August 2006 issue went to press; it’s possible—indeed, very likely, given the nature of software development—that the programs have been updated since our feature article was published. We encourage you to check out the developers’ Web sites for the latest data on all these applications; just click on the links in the chart below.

One final note about Universal compatibility: Just because a program is not Universal doesn’t mean it won’t run on an Intel-based Mac. Non-Universal binaries should run under Apple’s Rosetta emulation technology.

(To check the Universal status of most Mac programs, including many of the Gems listed below, visit Apple’s complete list of Universal apps. Macworld also has information about updated programs at our Universal software page.)

Universal Mac Gems

Program Vendor Universal as of press time?
AirFoil 2.0.3 Rogue Amoeba Yes
Amadeus II 3.8.7 HairerSoft No
AppleJack 1.4.2 The Apotek No
Bookdog 3.6 Sheep Systems Yes
Bookit 3.7.1 Everday Software No
BuddyPop 2.5.1 Tynsoe Yes
Business Card Composer 3.2 BeLight Software Yes
Butler 4.1.2 Peter Maurer Yes
Carbon Copy Cloner 2.3 Mike Bombich No
ColorTagGen .01 R.A.D. Productions Yes
Comic Life 1.2.5 Plasq Yes
Conference Recorder 2.0.1 Ecamm Network Yes
Default Folder X 3.0 St. Clair Software Yes
Document Palette 1.0 Vertical Eye No
DropCopy 1.2 10base-t interactive Yes
EasyFind 3.9 Devon Technologies Yes
FastScripts 2.2.9 Red Sweater Software Yes
FileXaminer 2.5.6 Gideon Softworks Yes
GeekTool 2.1.2 Tynsoe Yes
GrandPerspective 0.94 Eriban No
GraphicConverter X 5.9 Lemke Software Yes
iFlash 2.7.2 Loopware Yes
iPodDisk 1.3 Isaac Huang No
iSeek 1.1.0 Ambrosia Software No
iStopMotion 1.10.1 Boinx Yes
iWatermark 3.0.7 Script Software No
KeyCue 2.0.1 Ergonis Yes
KeyViewer 1.4 MacParc No
LaunchBar 4.1 Objective Development Yes
LiteSwitch X 2.5 Proteron No
Logorrhea 1.3.1 Spiny Yes
MacTheRipper 2.6.6 Geezerbuttz No
Mactracker 4.0.5 Ian Page No
MailTags 1.2.1 Indev Yes
Media Rage 2.4 Chaotic Software Yes
MemoryStick 1.5 Matt Neuburg No
Memtest 4.13 Tony Scaminaci Yes
MenuPrefs 2.6 iThink Software Yes
MoRU 1.3 Windstorm Software Yes
Mouseposé 1.3 Boinx Yes
Netflix Freak 2.4.1 The Little App Factory Yes
NetNewsWire Lite 2.1 NewsGator Yes
NuFile 1.8 Piti Ongmongkolkul Yes
Pacifist 2.0 CharlesSoft Yes
Path Finder 4.1.1 Cocoatech Yes
PCalc 3.0.3 James Thomson Yes
PDF Browser Plugin 2.2.3 Schubert-it No
Peripheral Vision 1.6.3 Granted Software No
Physics 101 SE 5.1.1 Praeter Software No
Podcast Maker 1.2.4 Potion Factory Yes
PrintWindow 3.1.5 Searchware Solutions No
Pseudo 1.2.3 Brian Hill No
QuickImageCM 2.4 Pixture Studio No
Quicksilver 1.0b48 Blacktree Yes
RCDefaultApp Rubicode Yes
Salling Clicker 3.0.1 Salling Software Yes
Senuti 0.33 Whitney Young Yes
Service Scrubber 1.1.3 Peter Maurer Yes
SharePoints 3.5.4 HornWare Yes
ShowMacster 1.8.1 Eberhard Rensch Yes
SideTrack 1.4.1 Raging Menace Yes
Slick Volumes 1-10 Gee Three No
SMARTReporter 2.1.5 Julian Mayer Yes
Snapz Pro X 2.0.2 Ambrosia Software No
Solitaire Till Dawn X 1.5 Semicolon Software No
Spark 2.1.1 Shadow Lab No
SubEthaEdit 2.5 TheCodingMonkeys Yes
SuperDuper 2.1.2 Shirt Pocket Yes
Synergy 2.8 Wincent Colaiuta Yes
TextExpander 1.3.1 SmileOnMyMac Yes
TextSoap 5 unmarked software Yes
TinkerTool 3.61 Marcel Bresink No
TinkerTool System 1.51 Marcel Bresink Yes
TransparentDock 2.3.7 Free Range Mac No
VLC media player 0.8.5 VideoLAN Yes
WhatSize 10.3.9 ID-Design Yes
WindowShade X 4.0.2 Unsanity No
WinShortcutter 2.1 Lobotomo Software Yes
WinSwitch 3.2.1 Wincent Colaiuta Yes
Witch 1.0.2 Peter Maurer Yes
X-Assist 0.7 Peter Li No

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