Microsoft acquires iView Multimedia

Microsoft has purchased iView Multimedia, the companies announced on Monday. Notes on the iView Web site indicate that support for its Macintosh products will continue.

iView’s flagship product is MediaPro, a Digital Asset Management application that is available for Mac OS X and Windows. iView said on its Web site that Microsoft has many plans for iView’s technologies and product line, but those plans would not be announced right away.

iView made a point of noting that its Macintosh versions will continue to be made available and supported.

“Microsoft will fully support the existing Mac products, will continue to sell Mac versions of the current iView product line and will offer upgrade pricing to all Mac users of future products that may be available based on the iView products,” said notes on the iView Web site.

A full FAQ has been posted on iView Multimedia’s Web site.

This story, "Microsoft acquires iView Multimedia" was originally published by PCWorld.

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