Fashion Fable game mixes match-three, paper dolls

Creatix — formerly known as Grim Inventions (developers of Little Gods ) — has released a new “match three” puzzle game called Fashion Fable. A demo is available, and it costs $19.99 to register.

Fashion Fable takes the familiar “match three” concept a step further by requiring users to eliminate specific numbers of pieces in order to win each level. What’s more, Fashion fable features a “paper doll system” for the game’s main character, Asha, where players can buy and custom-color the outfits she wears. The game features 120 different clothing items (including pets) to mix and match.

In Fashion Fable, players help Asha travel to four different realms to find out who enchanted her clothes and for what reason. Game pieces interact, changing the board and options as you play. The game features 60 levels and an original lounge jazz-style soundtrack.

System requirements call for Mac OS X v10.2 or later, 1 GHz or faster CPU and at least 256MB RAM.

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